Maybe, just once, someone will call me “sir” without adding, “you’re making a scene. – Homer J. Simpson


My names Dan, or derrhn, a supposed massive Simpsons nerd who only realised I spelt Milhouse wrong in the URL after a whole year of writing.

I maintain this blog because I love writing, but I’ve never good at writing just for the sake of it. I graduated from University with a first class honours in English Literature and Film Studies in 2016. After writing my dissertation (found here, I’m very proud of it) and completing my degree I found myself hopelessly missing talking about books/films/pop-culture within the context of critical theory. Thus this blog is an outlet for that lost desire!

I’ll be honest, the original idea behind this blog was to practice my writing should I ever go down the route of getting an MA in English Literature. But that’s not to say all of the writing I do here is academic. I’m trying to learn to write more for a mass audience, rather than for journals. Feedback on my writing is always welcome!

Generally my critical slant is post-modern/feminist/Marxist in nature; I also have a fondness for Post-Colonialism, but being white middle-class I think this is best left for voices with much more bite than me. My favourite authors: Hunter S. Thompson; Irvine Welsh; Jon Ronson; Kurt Vonnegut; Charles Bukowski; Thomas Hardy. I’m obsessed with The Simpsons, Twin Peaks, silent French cinema and the film industry in 1920s America. I also maintain a playlist of all the music I write about on my blog which can be found here.

I work full time in a very demanding (albeit enjoyable) job so content can be sparse, but I’m trying promise.