Quick Update

So there’s been another content drought on this blog. For that I apologise. I promised to be better, and have so many drafts started but for whatever reason I never finished ’em. I’m just gonna pin the blame on Brexit.

But there have been some changes, and I have a lot of content coming up. Including:

  • I’ve started writing for a music blog which can be found here. I’m still going to write about music here, but the way I see it this is another outlet to for my obsessions with La Dispute, Raleigh Ritchie and Gambino
  • I read The Virgin Suicides recently and I thought it was astonishing. Expect something written as soon as I can form the words.
  • I’m currently reading American Gods and again, absolutely engrossed. I know Gaiman is one of the most popular authors of this age, but I still might contribute my own little bit of critical writing into his canon
  • I’ve finally picked the first content to revisit for a column I’ve wanted to write since starting the blog. I’m gonna replay Heavy Rain for the first time in years with a close friend, see how it holds up.
  • I have written a postmodern reading of the work of Irvine Welsh that’s ready to be uploaded. Unfortunately this is adapted from a much longer bit of work I’ve done that is still being considered for publishing, if that falls through expect a lot postmodern and drug literature on this blog.
  • I started playing the Spike Lee story of NBA 2K16 and it is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever played. My character ended up looking like Tommy Wisseau. I might do some writing about this.
  • Always happy to take suggestions for content, if there’s anything anyone would like me to deal with in particular!

Once again, apologies for being lazy here. As you can see things should pick up into a steady stream of content over the next few weeks.

Peace out,



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