Quick Update

Apologies for the lack of any blog posts recently. Life’s been a bit hectic, so I haven’t much time to write, and when I did it was primarily about music ’cause of how much I’ve been travelling recently. But I’m a free man again – I’ve finished my degree, moved house and ended a significant chapter in my life.

Expect more regular posts in upcoming weeks. Also I have some ideas around a more broad range of topics than just “songs I’ve been listening to.” The intention of this blog was primarily a way to discuss my love for film and literature, so expect a lot more on those in the coming weeks. For example there’s an essay about my love of the work of Irvine Welsh coming up very soon.

But yeah, apologies again for being a bit inconsistent. I’m primarily blogging for my own purposes, but somehow I’ve ended up with more followers/visitors than I ever expected. I’ll be better in the future.

Peace out, Dan.


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